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Self-designed geoscience research: Richard C. Hoeksema Award

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Self-designed geoscience research: The Richard C. Hoeksema Award (Hope students only)

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This project is open to rising juniors and seniors majoring in Geology or in Environmental Science with a Concentration in Geology who want to pursue a research topic of their own choosing. Preference is given to research in the areas of Earth-centric geology, geophysics, geochemistry, geobiology, geomedicine, oceanography, or marine geology. Applicants should submit a synopsis of the research they propose to conduct, including hypotheses, methods for testing the hypotheses, and prospective criteria for evaluating the results of their study. This award is intended to result in publishable research with the student as primary or sole author in recognition of having taken a lead role in planning and conducting the research and analysis. Target forms of publication may be a meeting presentation (e.g., an oral paper or poster), a letter or journal article in a peer-reviewed Geological Science publication or a chapter in a peer-reviewed Geological Science anthology or collection of essays.

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