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10-week Paid Summer Internship Available Where: Hope College, Holland, MI When: May 15 - Aug. 5, 2022 (range of dates are somewhat flexible) What: Work in the Library at Hope College to begin the process of organizing and digitizing the archives of Heather Cornell. These archives represent 40 years of artistic work that helped to shape the global contemporary Tap Dance world and many of its current leading practitioners. The overall organization of these archives will occur in a number of stages. This is stage one. Details: There is no housing stipend so you will need to have a place to live in Holland. Job Description: Working in collaboration with Professor Heather Cornell: -Organizing the source tapes and identifying the formats. Purchasing the hardware necessary for storage. -Finding the equipment for each format. Identifying if there will be any need for outsourcing and the scope of that. -Beginning the process of copying to digital all of my present videos, one format at a time, starting with the most “at risk” formats. -Work on a catalog system that will allow for easy access for the next stages of the project -Begin designing a website that could allow for varying accessibility and limitations of access -Create a lecture demonstration of “greatest hits” of the work that is being recovered, addressing the process that is being employed -Identify other opportunities for the lecture demonstration For further information please contact

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