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Developing Robotics and Mechatronics Laboratory Activities

Project Full Title:

Development of Robotics and Mechatronics Laboratory Activities and Integration in Engineering Courses

Project Mentor(s):

Krupczak,John; Odle,Brooke

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Project Description:

This interdisciplinary project will incorporate the disciplines of mechanical, electrical, computer, biomedical engineering, and computer science. However, the project is specifically housed within the Hope College Department of Engineering. Up to two students will build and evaluate robotic devices that lift, drive and turn, sense, and deliver items (based on activities developed for the National Science Foundation Future of Robotics and Mechatronics Workshop). Students will also prepare guides for activities that may be implemented in existing courses in the Engineering curriculum. Moreover, students may also adapt robots and guides in accordance with the interests and needs of the Engineering faculty. Skills needed include some experience with: computing/programming, electrical circuits, and CAD. Students who have completed Intro to Engineering should have sufficient background.

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