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Identifying trees with high carbon sequestration capacity

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Do trees on Hope campus have similar carbon sequestration capacity? Evidence from tree growth and lignification.

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Carbon in the atmosphere has increased dramatically in recent decades despite some effort to increase green energy sources and decrease fossil fuel uses across the world. On Hope campus there are thousands of trees of different kinds and various carbon sequestration properties and capacities. Therefore, their ecological values for potentially reducing carbon in the long term vary to a great extent. In this summer research project, we will work on verifying the taxonomy of trees and shrubs on Hope campus and evaluate their carbon sequestration capacity via the quantification of lignin production. We will explore relationships of carbon sequestration with others biological properties of trees and shrubs such as life strategies (evergreen vs. deciduous, male vs. female) and taxonomy (conifers, monocots, early angiosperms). We hope to provide recommendation for tree plantings on campus based on our results so that both ecological and landscape values of tree plantings could be maximized.

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