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Design of Next-Generation Neutron Detector - HOPE STUDENTS

Project Full Title:

Design of Next-Generation Neutron Detector

Project Mentor(s):

Monteagudo Godoy,Belen

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Project Description:

As the ability to accelerate exotic radioactive nuclear beams has developed at different accelerators around the world, we have developed an ambitious program in this area of study using the capabilities at the Fast Radioactive Ion Beam facility (FRIB) at Michigan State University and the Radioactive Isotope Beam Factory (RIBF) at RIKEN (Japan). For neutron-rich nuclei very far from stability, the emission of several neutrons becomes the dominant decay mechanism and multi-neutron systems such as the so-called “tetraneutron" (4n), or larger, are predicted in the region. However, the multi-neutron detection is very challenging because several hits in the detector may come from the multiple interactions of a single neutron (cross-talk). Space-time conditions must be applied to reduce such events, significantly reducing efficiency as the number of neutrons increases. Students working with Dr. Monteagudo and Dr. DeYoung will be involved in the design, simulation, and prototyping of the next generation of neutron detectors to be used with the High Resolution Spectrometer (HRS) at FRIB. Funding pending

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