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Porting the BinaryViewer application to the web

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Porting the BinaryViewer application to the web

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The BinaryViewer program is an application designed to help students understand both low-level and high-level data representation concepts, including number representation, image file formats, and file systems. The application is built with a plugin-based architecture to allow new data formats to be interpreted without requiring modifications to the program's base source code. The current version of the software is built in Java, with a Swing-based user interface. Given the decline in browser support for running Java applications, this platform is no longer optimal. In this project, we will first develop a HTTP-based API to interact with the existing code. Once that API has been designed, implemented, and tested, we will build a web-based front end to that system. Most likely that interface will be built using the Angular framework. Students must have completed at least CSCI 235 and have a solid understanding of Java. Experience with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript/Typescript is beneficial but not required. Candidates should be willing to spend some time during the spring of 2022 learning the basics of HTML and CSS if they do not already have these skills.

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