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Mothers Milk for Michigan Infants

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Mothers Milk for Michigan Infants- Various

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This interdisciplinary project will incorporate the discipline of Nursing. However the project is specifically housed within the Hope College Department of Nursing. Motherís Milk for Michigan Infants is a group of nurse researchers interested in learning more about what a motherís body can tell us about her milk supply. Project 1. MMMI Accuracy of Test Weights (TW), weighing the infantís pre- and post-feed, is a study designed to assess the accuracy of community setting TWs. This study compares TW between mothers and researchers and the weight change of the human milk (HM) bottle and infant. Participant mothers are being recruited for 90 feeding sessions using previously collected HM. The participant mother weighs the infant, feeds the infant, and reweighs the infant. A research assistant collects and analyzes 1.5 milliliters of HM and weighs the bottle before and after feeding. The researcher assistant also measures HM samples for temperature, specific gravity, and creamatocrit. Project 2. MyMMMIData is an encrypted web-based mobile platform designed to collect data, deliver education in the form of push notifications, provide links to educational resources, and report HM sample results to the participant. MyMMMIData will collect survey results, breastfeeding activities, infant test weights, and diaper counts. MyMMMIData will allow participants to log and review breastfeeding activities, infant test weights, and diaper counts voluntarily or if instructed by a lactation consultant. In addition to data collection, participants will receive 5th grade-level educational push notifications pre- and postnatally to educate, encourage, and enhance breastfeeding success. MyMMMI Data will have links to professional, evidence-based breastfeeding resources. Finally, MyMMMI Data will also send reports to each participant the results and reference ranges of each HM sample collected and analyzed.

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