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INSPIRE Pilot Project for Inactive Adolescent Girls

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Intervention to Support Physical Activity Independence and Routine Everyday: The INSPIRE Pilot Project for Inactive Adolescent Girls

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Evidence continues to demonstrate that most adolescents are physically inactive and many are also overweight or obese, leading to an increased risk for cardiovascular disease and other chronic conditions. Adolescent girls are less active than boys and their inactivity increases with age. Despite interventions aimed at increasing physical activity (PA) among adolescent girls, efforts have been largely unsuccessful. Innovative interventions with proven efficacy and sustainability are urgently needed. The availability and improved affordability of wearable activity trackers has resulted in an increased use in intervention studies with adults. However, there have been relatively few interventions using these devices with adolescents. Studies have also used older models of activity trackers that have not always been well-received by participants. To address these gaps, the proposed study aims to examine the feasibility and preliminary efficacy of the Intervention to Support Physical Activity Independence and Routine Everyday: The INSPIRE pilot project for inactive adolescent girls on moderate to vigorous physical activity and cardio-respiratory fitness. This pilot intervention will utilize the FitbitTM Inspire activity tracker, along with the Fitbit app as part of a multi-component, theory-based intervention using the Information Motivation Behavioral Skills Model and single-group pre-test/post-test design. Data will be collected at 2 time periods: 1) baseline measures at 0 weeks; and 2) post-intervention measures at 8 weeks. Participants (N=10) will receive a Fitbit Inspire tracker, have access to the Fitbit app, and participate in a 7-week summer PA program 2 days a week. Two nursing research students will develop part of the intervention curriculum, conduct baseline and post-intervention data collection, assist in the delivery of the intervention two days a week on the Hope College campus, and participate in a variety of other research activities.

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