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Contemporary Interdunal Wetland Processes-HOPE STUDENTS ONL

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Contemporary Interdunal Wetland Processes- HOPE STUDENTS ONLY

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The Saugatuck Harbor Natural Area (SHNA) is home to several large interdunal wetlands or slacks, an endangered ecosystem amidst the coastal dunes of Lake Michigan. We have been performing ecohydrological studies in these wetlands for 5 years and are continuing and expanding our longitudinal study again this summer. Summer research will include 1) reading pertinent scholarly articles and developing relevant interdisciplinary background in geology, ecology, and hydrology; 2) Collecting and analyzing ground and surface water samples for selected analytes; 3) Performing vegetation quadrat sampling; and 4) Performing hydrological studies based on data from the groundwater monitoring wells. Multispectral imaging has also been ongoing at this site and will be performed again this coming year. This project is only open to Hope College students. Actual dates of the project are yet to be determined, please contact mentor with any questions. This project is specifically housed within the Hope College Department of Geology.

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