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2020 Summer Hope College Sustainability Marketing Research

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Hope College Summer Research Project - Campus Sustainability Marketing Research (Hope College Students Only)

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This interdisciplinary project will incorporate the disciplines of sustainability and marketing. However the project is specifically housed within the Hope College Department of Religion and Office of Sustainability. The proposed study will add to our understanding of the various ways to assess the best ways to communicate with our campus community (especially students) in regards to sustainability education, campaigns, and campus initiatives. The student will program an analytics platform to record reach and recurring viewers to sustainability messages across different platforms. The purpose of this is to keep track of which mediums and messages result in the largest retention of visitors. This project will focus on the Sustainability Department, but could also be applied to other Hope College departments as we review which messages work best across the different mediums available (social media, web blogs, email newsletters). This is a purposed 10-week internship, broken down as follows: the first 3 weeks will be programming the analytics platform, the next 4 weeks that follow will focus on coding and writing content to be posted on the different mediums -- graphics, articles, etc. -- to be used for tracking, and the final 3 weeks will be writing content and reports to summarize the results. *The start and end dates are flexible as long as the 10-weeks are completed before the start of the school year. MUST submit a cover letter, resume, and transcript. Please be sure to include information about your experiences to date. Mentors/Supervisors: Steven Bouma-Prediger, Michelle Gibbs, and Kara Slater.

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