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The effects of an Intro to Data on Intro Stat courses

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A pilot study of the effects of an Introduction to Data and Statistical Thinking: pre-Introductory Statistics material on a subsequent Introductory Statistics course

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The rise in the quantity and complexity of a rich variety of datasets has raised Data Science to prominence in Statistical Science. Various guidelines and suggestions have been made for the incorporation of Data Science into the undergraduate Statistics curriculum. The primary focus of Data Science courses occurs at a level beyond the Introductory Statistics level. This project will study the assessment and measurement of the effects of introducing pre-Introductory Statistics concepts (which are in line with broad Data Science ideas and principles) on a subsequent Introductory Statistics course. The areas in pre-Introductory Statistics, along with the acquisition of specific skills, will be determined. Additionally, a substantial part of the project involves the continuing development of web-based, free, tools for data display. Results and findings from this study will be published and provide recommendations for and changes to the pedagogy of Introductory Statistics.

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