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WebMO: Web-Based Interface for Computational Chemistry

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WebMO: Web-Based Interface for Computational Chemistry Software (HOPE STUDENTS ONLY)

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WebMO: Web-Based Interface for Computational Chemistry Software

Computation has been referred as the "third-leg" of science, alongside Experiment and Theory. Computational chemistry allows the calculation of molecular properties and reactions. Although powerful codes for performing computational chemistry calculations exist, significant barriers prevent their widespread usage. These include specialized knowledge, costly hardware, installation issues, and lack of intuitive user interfaces.

WebMO is a project designed to lower usage and cost barriers for computational chemistry software. From the user's perspective, all interaction is done through menu systems and a web-browser, eliminating the need to learn specialized commands, format input files, and parse output files. From an administrator's perspective, WebMO is installed once on a server, thereby reducing cost, maintenance, and support.

WebMO is currently the most popular interface for performing computational chemistry calculations in the world and widely cited in scientific literature!

Students joining this project will develop interfaces to additional computational chemistry programs (C4, TeraChem) and add additional capabilities such as displaying NMR spectra using chemical shift and coupling data. Students will gain experience with scientific computing at both the systems and application level.

This project is open to Hope College students who are majoring in chemistry, computer science, or physics.

For more information, check out Dr. Polik's Home Page.

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