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Human Milk Composition and Volume

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Exploration of Human Milk Composition and Volume

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This project is specifically housed within the Hope College Department of Nursing. The goal of this study is to develop and implement research protocols to accurately measuring infant breastmilk intake and human milk composition for a single feed and 24 hour period. This project will build on the faculty memberís previous work related to the milk composition. The undergraduate research student will participate in recruitment, milk sample collection and analysis, the weight of infant and milk pre-post feeding, and data analysis. The faculty member proposes to work collaboratively with the undergraduate student to continue ongoing research throughout the 2019-2020 academic year with promise for publications and research presentations at the local, regional, and national level. Applicants must have completed NURS 380 Nursing Research prior to May 2019. Applicants will be considered based on the completion of the application process: transcripts, reference(s), and essay. A decision for this position will be made on March 15, 2019.

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