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Development of a Simulated EMR for Nursing Students

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Development of a Simulated Electronic Medical Record for Nursing Students

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The purpose of this project is to develop a simulated EMR for Hope College nursing students. In this project, faculty member Ryan McFall and and a team of Computer Science Department will develop an online simulated EMR charting software program that nursing students can utilize in their introductory and practicum courses. Patricia Kragt and Vicki Voskuil of the Nursing Department will serve as consultants to provide input on product development. This project will allow nursing students to practice charting medications, procedures, and physical assessments in their introductory nursing courses. Nursing students will also be able to utilize the EMR software in simulations in advanced nursing courses in the Nursing Departmentís newly renovated simulation laboratory. Ultimately this project will contribute to increased patient safety as students will be better prepared to document nursing care when they enter the clinical setting with patients.

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