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City of Holland Tree Canopy and GHG Assessment

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City of Holland Sustainability Committee Student Summer Research Project - Tree Canopy Inventory and Greenhouse Gas Assessment

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Start and end dates are flexible and should be arranged in advance such that the 10-week project is completed by August 10, 2018. This interdisciplinary project will incorporate the disciplines of biology, ecology, and geographic information systems (GIS). The City of Holland Sustainability Committee has created this Hope College Student Research Project as a way to coordinate a project between the committee, the City’s Parks Department, and Hope College, to further inventory the urban tree canopy within the City. The student researcher will assist the City of Holland update its urban tree canopy inventory through a GIS program, assess greenhouse gas carbon sequestration value of trees, and help develop a program/platform for engaging community members and K-12 students in citizen science. The proposed study will add to our understanding of the various ways to assess the value of trees and how they contribute to ecosystem services that benefit the community at large. The student will collect data such as tree species, size, relative age, and quantities within the designated areas. These data will be used for projects such as the 40-Year Community Energy Plan, Holland In Bloom, and Tree City/Tree Campus USA. “Trees are sustainability power tools: They clean and cool the air, regulate temperatures, counteract the urban “heat island” effect, and support water quality and manage flow” (10.02.2017 Article: Cities Should Think About Trees As Public Health Infrastructure) Hope College Faculty will assist in calculating the carbon sequestration value of the trees and tree identification as needed.

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