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Green Team 2018 Summer Research Intern

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2018 Hope College Green Team Committee Student Research Project

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This interdisciplinary project will incorporate the various disciplines of Environmental Science and thus will be coordinated by faculty and staff from the Hope College Department of Religion, the Physical Plant Department, and the Holland-Hope College Sustainability Institute. The 3 student team will together be working on a variety of different projects rather than having each student focused exclusively on one thing. High priority projects include: collection of data for Hope College’s Greenhouse Gas (GHG) assessment, completion of applications for campus sustainability certifications, implementation of campus recycling and composting goals, creation of campus sustainability videos, web design for the environmental dashboard, development of sustainability resources for New Student Orientation, economic analysis of various sustainability projects, rejuvenation of the campus garden, and research regarding campus transportation. Mentors/Supervisors: Steve Bouma-Prediger, Michelle Gibbs, and Kara Slater. Start and end dates are flexible and should be arranged in advance such that an 8-week project is completed.

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