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Bio-Inspired Control of Civil Infrastructure - Experimental

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Experimental Validation of Bio-Inspired Structural Control of Civil Infrastructure - HOPE STUDENTS

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**PENDING FUNDING** Today’s civil infrastructure (e.g., bridges, buildings) is highly exposed to large external loads, such as high winds or seismic excitations, which can be detrimental to its overall structural integrity. Structural control seeks to minimize the response of these structures to external loads by applying counteractive forces directly to the structure. These techniques, however, are not widely employed due to several key issues, such as computational delays in the system and challenges with data collection. To overcome these challenges, inspiration can be drawn from the real-time sensing and actuation capabilities of the biological central nervous system. A novel bio-inspired data collection node was developed at the University of Michigan and this research seeks to use this sensor node in a real-time control system. This research seeks to validate the performance of the bio-inspired feedback control architecture experimentally on a single-story partial-scale shear structure that is seismically excited and controlled via active mass actuators. The student(s) will be involved in programming (Matlab and C), equipment setup and experimental validation, and data analysis. This project has potential to appeal to students from civil, mechanical, electrical, or computer engineering emphases.

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