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Chiral Organic Catalysts for Polymers

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Chiral Organic Catalysts for Polymers (Hope Students Only)

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Polymers are everywhere! Oftentimes companies use metal catalysts to make polymers, but the metal residues can be harmful if using polymers inside the body. To make biomedical polymers, researchers are turning to organic catalysts. Organic catalysts work well making certain types of polymers, but they struggle to make chiral, or isotactic, polymers. Chirality is important because it influences the activity of a drug and changes polymer properties. I am seeking to discover new organic catalysts to make chiral polymers.

Working on this project allows students a chance to author an article for a peer-reviewed journal. Such papers help a student get into graduate or professional schools! In addition, students can present their works at professional meetings. These travel costs will be covered by grant money!

Students will work 10 forty-hour weeks. Over 60 students work for the chemistry department each summer. There are professional development activities and plenty of group social events planned throughout the ten weeks! Research projects can be continued in the fall and spring semesters.

Contact Dr. Turlington at and view Dr. Turlington's research website at

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