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Global Survey of Drinking Water Sources

Project Full Title:

Global Surveys of Drinking Quality and Wellbeing of At Risk Populations

Project Mentor(s):

Best,Aaron; Krueger,Brent; Pikaart,Michael

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Project Description:

This interdisciplinary project will incorporate the disciplines of biology, geology, chemistry, statistics and public health. Lack of sustainable access to clean drinking water continues to be an issue of paramount global importance, leading to millions of preventable deaths annually. Best practices for providing sustainable access to clean drinking water, however, remain unclear. Widespread installation of low-cost, in-home, point of use water filtration systems is a promising strategy. Interventions such as these need to be done in a way that recognizes the needs and desires of the local community and is sensitive and consistent with the local culture. Finally assessment of success of the intervention is a critical tool to aid future projects. Students involved in this project will assist in a number of possible projects including: creation of survey instruments that assess community needs, public health and wellbeing, and likelihood of intervention success; understanding connections among bacterial communities, chemical contaminants and other environmental factors found in different drinking water sources from across the world; analysis of databases of drinking water quality.

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