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High Performance Computing in the Cloud

Project Full Title:

High Performance Computing in the Cloud: Developing Hope College’s next generation computing platform

Project Mentor(s):

Best,Aaron; Krueger,Brent

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Project Description:

This interdisciplinary project will utilize tools from Computer Science to help improve our ability to perform computational research in any science field. The mentors are based in the Chemistry and Biology departments and actively engage research spanning chemistry and biology.

In this project we will be improving high performance computing (HPC) platform for Hope College. Hope's HPC system has recently been installed with a next-generation, container-based operating system that was developed by students and CIT through this project in the past. Continuing work is needed to develop additional containers and to refine and improve operation of the cluster. We will also being to look into expanding the system to utilize compute engines in the cloud through Amazon or Google. Students will be installing various flavors of Linux and testing a variety of scientific applications to examine their feasibility. Students will work closely with Dr. Krueger and Dr. Best as well as with Hope's CIT staff.

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