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A Psychological Study of Meaning-Making and Religion

Project Full Title:

A Psychological Study of Meaning-Making and Religion

Project Mentor(s):

Van Tongeren,Daryl

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Project Description:

The primary project will be an extension of the Flourishing Project study. The recruitment of community members will take place. Those recruited will need to come into the lab to complete the study. The student will be in charge of (a) advertising across town, (b) contacting interested participants, (c) setting up time slots with community members, (d) running those time slots, and (e) entering data. The student will also be in charge of paying participants with research funds. Additional work on assistance with manuscript preparation is likely. This work will require flexibility and will likely require time slots in the evening and perhaps weekend hours. Because many of these people probably work, time slots will need to be offered when they can come to the lab. There will also be secondary projects, that will be ongoing throughout the summer. It is also possible a literature review will take place. The student and mentor will either plan or run a study that is an intersection between the student's research interests and the mentor's research interests. The goal of this would be to develop a project that could eventually be submitted to a journal for publication.

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