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Evaluation of a Health Promotion Program- Hope Students Only

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Outcome Evaluation of a Health Promotion Program in an Older Adult Apartment Complex

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This community-based project is in its fourth year, funded by a grant from Perrigo. Summer research will focus on two objectives for the nursing student. The first objective will be assisting faculty with maintaining weekly summer clinics at Waverly Meadows (WMs) in Holland, offering limited physical assessments, blood pressures, blood sugars, vital sign assessments, PO2, Ht, Wt. BMI, risk assessments for osteoporosis or fall assessments, individual medication education, and offering every other week group education programs on topics requested by WMs residents. Home visits to residents may occur as requested, under the supervision of faculty for screening, assessment, and education purposes. In addition, data collection on the previous year’s information is needed for the annual report and to assess the impact of undergraduate nursing students’ presence on the above program and on health indicators and outcomes for residents of WMs, including health literacy. Research will entail participation in data collection and data analysis. Would like candidates to have completed MATH 210 (Stats) and NURS 380 (Nursing Research Methods), but can work around this. Must have good physical assessment skills. Hope nursing students only.

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