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Mechanisms of RNA Virus Replication

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Development of a Reporter System for Zika Virus Replication

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Zika Virus (ZIKV) is a positive-stranded RNA arbovirus of the flavivirus genus that has recently caused a global health crisis associated with an increase of primary microcephaly, a congenital anomaly correlated with brain size and development. In this project, we are attempting to create genetic tools to study ZIKV replication in insect cell lines, specifically Drosophila melanogaster. Several ZIKV plasmid-based reverse genetics systems have been established for vertebrate systems, though they will not work in insect cells due to incompatible promoters. We believe establishing Drosophila as a model insect system for ZIKV will allow us to take advantage of Drosophila’s fully sequenced and well-annotated genome and the many tools available for genetic manipulation. We have recently been successfully at creating a plasmid-based replicon for Zika virus in Drosophila. This project will involve replacing the Zika virus structural proteins with a reporter gene to aid high-throughput studies in Drosophila.

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