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Assistive Technology with Android on Mobile Phones

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Assistive Technology with Android on Mobile Phones

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There are approximately 400 million people in the world suffering from the challenges of visual impairment. There are 5 billion mobile phones in use in the world. This provides us with a unique opportunity: when we seek a computing assistance to visual impairment, we have a computing platform already accessible by many…the mobile phone.

This project will use the technology of mobile phones to assist those with visual impairment. We will be developing software to run on Android based smartphones that will provide the basis for both visual assistance -- that is, zooming and "large-print" versions of text -- and audio assistance -- that is, text-to-speech and language translation.

The challenge will be to adapt optical character recognition algorithms so that they will work with everyday, real-world textual objects. This will be the focus of our summer work.

Programming will done in Java using the software development environment for Android devices.

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