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Building an online survey system

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Building and deploying an online survey system using the Google Web Toolkit

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This project will involve continuing development, testing and deployment of a free, open source software system to administer and analyze online surveys, similar to services such as SurveyMonkey. This system, currently implemented as a set of Perl CGI scripts that are tied to the Sybase database system, is being ported to work as a Google Web Toolkit (GWT) application, the same technology used by Google to develop GMail, Google Calendar, and many other online applications. As part of this project, students will develop and test the project code, and develop processes and documentation for deploying the system on a variety of platforms and database systems. Since the GWT is a Java development environment, experience with the Java language is strongly preferred for this project. In addition, the development environment will be the Eclipse IDE, and so knowledge of Eclipse is also preferred. In your application essay, be sure to indicate your level of experience with Java and Eclipse. If you do not know the Java language or have experience with Eclipse, please indicate the languages and development environments you have used. Experience with the GWT environment is NOT required.

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