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Structure of neutron rich nuclei - HOPE STUDENTS ONLY

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Fundamental Studies of Exotic Unstable Neutron Rich Nuclei

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As the ability to accelerate exotic radioactive nuclear beams has developed at different accelerators around the world, we have developed an ambitious program in this area of study using the accelerators at the National Superconducting Cyclotron Laboratory (NSCL) at Michigan State University. In collaboration with the NSCL, Hope College was one of nine schools that constructed the MoNA and LISA detectors, made of 288 modular elements to detect neutrons (over 8 tons of material). With these devices we study the structure of nuclei far from stability such as 25O, 16Be, or 12,13Li. The Nuclear Group has been involved in most of the experiments done with MoNA and has done the analysis of three separate experiments. Most recently, we started a study of 13Be formed via a charge exchange reaction.

Students working on these projects will be involved in detector construction and testing, running experiments, analyzing data (including such things as detector calibration, particle identification, and gating), modeling, and presenting results.

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